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About Station

We are We are on-line, we are live, and we are here! Real radio for your earbuds.We sound like a real station because we ARE a real station, we are online only for now, but nobody's perfect. So advertise with the real guys!

Where to find us?

We broadcast live on the following channels, just search nagoyaradio or look for us under the rock format.


  • Live365,
  • Sopcast
  • Broadwave
  • Earthcam
  • Destiny
  • Youtube (archives)
  • and coming soon to:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Mixi
  • Flycast

We are here to fill the void left by terrestrial Nagoya radio by broadcasting exclusively in English but eventually we will program in Japanese, Portuguese, and other languages. Our motto is: We are online, we are live and we are here!.

Our station is a phoenix rising from the terrestrial radio wastelands, the no-you-can'ts,the economic devastation, failing stations, djs destroying songs, boring 20 minute monologues before and during a song/. For people who actually LIKE radio.. Your wait is over. We are here, We are real radio for your earbuds!

We're not a blog! Wer'e not! We are a radio station and we are here to play constant rock and news when it breaks!
We are a real station with servers and staff in Japan, the Philippines, the US, India, and China.. Since we are online, we see it not as a restriction but as a freedom, we are more flexible and are able to out-radio traditional radio stations!

We are on the air and in the air, like a free-flying Phoenix. So tune in to music without all of that yapping that has gone in Japanese radio...............UNTIL NOW!